BCS Syllabus

BCS syllabus is essential for any job examination under Bangladesh public service commission (BPSC). For the BCS preliminary syllabus, the applicant must have a broad knowledge of the BCS written syllabus. The BCS syllabus pdf is also included for the students.

BCS Syllabus

In recent 2021, the 43 BCS syllabus is the targeted study for the examinee. Follow step-by-step readings to get pdf files. You are right here to follow the 43rd BCS syllabus. In this section, you can directly watch the BCS syllabus 2021 provided by BPSC. Why should you watch this BCS syllabus video? This video includes

  • 43 BCS syllabus pdf download files
  • BCS preliminary syllabus
  • BCS written syllabus
  • Electrical engineering written syllabus

Video for 43 BCS syllabus 2021 pdf download

BCS syllabus pdf

You can download BCS preliminary and written syllabus pdf files from the below sections. These will help you best for your desired study to complete the syllabus, i.e, the BCS syllabus pdf.

BCS preliminary syllabus

The new BCS preliminary syllabus contains two hundred marks in the category of Bengali language & literature, English language & literature, Bangladesh and international affairs, geography, general science, computer, mathematical ability, ethics & good governance. For the preliminary test, these categories are included broad syllabus.

The recent 43 BCS preliminary syllabus pdf file is attached. Let’s go to see this.

BCS written syllabus

The BCS written syllabus is the most important for the Bangladesh civil service (BCS ) examination. Bangla, English, Bangladesh affairs, international affairs, Mathematical reasoning, mental ability, general science, and technology are compulsory for the written examination. Your BCS written syllabus 2021 pdf is also attached.

The entire syllabus includes both the general cadre syllabus and the BCS written technical cadre syllabus. Your BCS written syllabus pdf file is here. It also includes BCS written syllabus pdf in Bengali.

N:B: The pdf file is collected from BCS Portal.

BCS Syllabus
BCS full syllabus

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