EEE Job Preparation Book List

Here EEE Job Preparation Book List is given below. A student can follow the EEE book list. Strategy, departmental and non-departmental reference books are listed.

There have an opportunity to work with a satisfactory job in Bangladesh regarding an electrical or EEE engineer. The strategy may have applied to get a job.

Strategy: How to prepare yourself?

Here is the point. You must analyze the previous question first. Generally two sections appear in a job examination (written) for assistant/sub-assistant engineer post; Departmental (about 70%-60%) and Non-departmental (about 30%-40%).

The departmental section contains that you have studied in your academic courses and the non-departmental section contains Bangla, English, General Mathematics, and General Knowledge.

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An electrical job seeker may need an EEE job preparation book pdf file. Here one can download the entire EEE job preparation pdf book.

This is your EEE job preparation book. In the below sections you can find your electrical engineering job preparation books.

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EEE Job Preparation Book List

Reference book: Departmental EEE Book List

1. Electrical circuits 

  • Fundamentals of Electric Circuits by Charles K. Alexander and Matthew N.O. Sadiku
  • Alternating Current Circuits by Russel Kerchner and George F Corcoran
  • Introductory Circuit Analysis by Robert L. Boylestad
  • Electric Circuits by Nilsson and Riedel
  • A Text-Book of Electrical Technology (Volume – I) by B.L. Theraja and A.K. Theraja
    The EEE job preparation book list for electrical circuits

2. Electronics 

  • Microelectronic Circuits by Adel S. Sedra and Kenneth C. Smith
  • Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory by Robert L. Boylestad and Louis Nashelsky
  • Operational Amplifier and Linear Integrated Circuits by Robert F. Coughlin and Fredrick F. Driscoll
  • Principles of Electronics by V.K. Mehta and Rohit Mehta
  • Op-Amp and Linear Integrated Circuits by Ramakant A. Gayakward
  • Basic Electronics by B.L. Theraja
  • Digital Logic and Computer Design by M. Morris Mano
    The EEE job preparation book list for electronics

3. Electrical machines  

  • A Text-Book of Electrical Technology ( Volume – II ) by B.L. Theraja and A.K. Theraja
  • Electric Machinery Fundamental by Stephen J. Chapman
  • Electric Machines by Charles I. Hubert
  • Principles of Electrical Machines by V.K. Mehta and Rohit Mehta
  • Direct and Alternating Current Machinery by Rosenblatt and Friedman
  • Electrical Machines by SK Bhattacharya
    The EEE job preparation book for machine part

4. Power system

  • Elements of Power System Analysis by William D. Stevenson, Jr.
  • Principles of Power System by V.K. Mehta and Rohit Mehta
  • Power System Analysis by John J. Grainger and William D. Stevenson, Jr.
  • Modern Power System Analysis by D P Kothari and I J Nagrath
  • Power System Analysis by Hadi Saadat
  • Switch Gear Protection and Power Systems by Sunil S. Rao
  • Power Plant Engineering by G. R. Nagpal
  • Generation of Electrical Energy by B.R. Gupta

5. Communication

  • Modern Digital and Analog Communication Systems by B.P. Lathi
  • Data Communications and Networking by Behrouz A Forouzan
  • Communication Systems by Simon Haykin and Michel Moher
  • Continuous and Discrete Signals and Systems by Samir S. Soliman and Mandyam D. Srinath

6. Control system

  • Control System Engineering by Norman S. Nise
  • Modern Control Engineering by Katsuhiko Ogata

7. Objective (For Viva & Written) 

  • The objective of Electrical Technology by V.K. Mehta and Rohit Mehta
  • Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering by B. L. Theraja
  • Electronics Engineering (Objective Type) by R. Kumar
    The EEE Job Preparation Book List for objectives

Reference book: Non-departmental EEE Book List

1. Bangla 

Bangla Grammar (Class 9-10 & 11-12) and MP3/others

2. English 

English for Competitive Exams by Fazlul Haque

3. General mathematics 

Assurance BCS Preliminary Digest (Mathematics Part)/Others

4. General Knowledge

 Assurance BCS Preliminary Digest (For General Knowledge)/MP3/Others

5. Professors PSC job Solution & BCS Preliminary Question Solution

The above are the electrical and electronics engineering books list.

Hopefully this EEE Job Preparation Book List will help you best. Thank you.

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