Bank Job Preparation Book List, Guidelines and Tips in Bangladesh

The Bank job preparation book list is listed here. You are searching for the complete bank job preparation guidelines and also the bank job preparation tips in BD. So let’s go to scroll down.

For the bank job preparation Bangladesh, you may need the bank exam book list. You can take the bank preparation for both the MCQ and written test to get a suitable bank job BD for you.

In the last part, you can see the bank job preparation tips in BD. Bank job preparation bd. From this part, you also acquire the most recent bank job preparation guidelines.

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For the English part: Bank Job Preparation Book List

For Grammar:

  1. Cliff’s TOEFL
  2. The English Bible
  3. English for Competitive Exams by Md. Fazlul Hoque.
  4. A Passage to English Sentence by SM Jakir Hossain
  5. Pearson’s Objective English (If possible)
  6. Practical English Usage by Michael Swan (If possible)

For Vocabulary:

  1. Word Smart
  2. Bank Vocabulary by Arifur Rahman
  3. Saifur’s Vocabulary
  4. Saifur’s Analogy
  5. Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis(If possible)
  6. Barron’s SAT1 (If possible)

For reading Test:

  1. Peterson’s TOEFL
  2. Barron’s iBT TOEFL (If possible)

For CV, Resume, Business Letter & Cover Letter Writing:

  1. Oxford Handbook of Commercial Correspondence by Ashley

For the Bangla part: Bank Job Preparation Book List

  1. Text Book of Bangla Grammar for Classes 9-10
  2. Bangla Vasha O Sahitya Jiggasa by Soumitra Shekhar
  3. Professor’s BCS Preliminary Bangla

For the mathematics part: Bank Job Preparation Book List

  1. Textbooks of mathematics for classes 7, 8, 9-10(General and Higher), 11-12(Higher mathematics(If possible)- Chapters Set, Permutation & Combination, Probability)
  2. Nova GRE Math Bible
  3. Khairul Basic Math
  4. Agarwal Math
  5. Professor’s Key to Bank Job
  6. Barron’s new GRE (If possible)
  7. Khairul Advance Maths (If possible)
  8. Bank Job or MBA Shortcut Math by Arifur Rahman (If possible)
  9. Barron’s GMAT (If possible)

In the book of Professor’s key to bank job you must read the whole book, especially for the General knowledge part.

Mental ability books:

  1. Any two renowned books on mental ability (As you wish)
  2. GMAT Review (If possible)

For the General knowledge part: Bank Job Preparation Book List

  1. Current Affairs for General Knowledge
  2.  Prothom Alo news portal (Business, Sports, ICT, and Science)
  3. Examveda
  4. Professors Job Solution

For the Examvida book, you also read the ICT part. The Professors Job Solution book will help for the BCS preparation in Bangladesh.

For the ICT part: Bank job preparation BD

  1. Current Affairs for ICT
  2. Textbooks of the computer for classes 9-10 and 11-12
  3. George’s easy ICT book
  4. Basic Knowledge of Computer & IT by Arif & Liton (If possible)
  5. Saifurs Banking Awareness (If possible)
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Bank Job Preparation Tips in BD

Prepare yourself for both the preliminary and the writing test because your target should be getting a job, not only to compete for the MCQ test. So let’s see the bank job preparation guidelines.

For Preliminary test:

  1. You must have a clear concept about the recent five or six-year questions.
  2. Read the English article from the newspaper regularly.

For Written test:

  1. Have you a clear concept about the previous year’s questions? Need it.
  2. Increase your vocabulary and make sentences without spelling mistakes. Follow grammatical structures.
  3. Read details about these topics as county’s constitution, the budget of the Current FS Year, economic reviews, banking topics, common problems of the country, education, socio-economic development of Bangladesh, or any critical/live/most discussed issues around the world and also collect the new words. Read to write more.
  4. Develop your writing skill in all categories (Essay, CV, Paragraph, etc.).
  5. Don’t stop writing. Increase your writing speed.
  6. Include business words, literariness, and suitable word in your writing.
  7. Don’t repeat the same word or ideas. Expand your thoughts while writing and also make sentences positive.

Tips in examination hall: Only for MCQ

  1. Try to answer at least 65% of the total marks
  2. Must consider the negative markings
  3. Try to answer easy parts of your side
  4. Don’t waste your time while critical (or unknown) solving mathematics

This bank job preparation tips in bd will help you basically in the written test. After qualifying in the test you have to face the viva.

Instructions for the Bank Job Preparation Book List

  • Don’t worry about the largest book lists for the bank jobs.
  • Try to follow the sequence of the book list.
  • The list is given for the general students ( as a beginner)
  • It is not too hard to complete the entire book ( after passing graduation )

Hopefully, the above bank job preparation book list in Bangladesh will help you to compete in the bank job examinations.

You can also search for the bank job preparation books on Facebook, the bank job preparation BD. Thank you for reading this article.

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